Like 90% of my transition clients, you can have a job you love in half the time. With Transition Bootcamp, I’ll spot you all way.


You’ve been advised to stay put because nobody’s hiring. You’ve been told it will take forever to find your next job. Now you’re stuck: You’re running out of savings, but you’d hate to accept just any old job. You want a job you’ll enjoy, with a great company culture and an income that gives you the freedom you want.

Over the last 5 years, through the worst of economic times, 90% my clients in transition found the new job or promotion they were looking for within 9 months – half of them in 6 months or less.

So what do you do with that kind of success? I’ve packaged all my life-changing strategies and tactics into one affordable and powerful 5-week training program to help your old self find the new you in this year.

Find yourself in a job you can’t wait to wake up to.

Transition Bootcamp gives you everything you need:

  1. A personalized strategy for targeting job opportunities and opening doors.
  2. Step-by-step instructions for packaging and marketing yourself online through LinkedIn, and offline through your relationships.
  3. Powerful training on the subconscious barriers causing you to sabotage your interviews.
  4. Tools, tips and strategies for accelerating your progress so you get multiple offers on the table within weeks, rather than months.

I was gainfully employed only 5 months later.

"When I was given 90 days’ notice at work due to company restructuring, I had already started networking and looking for ways to ensure uninterrupted income. Mary took one look at my résumé and knew instantly what needed to change. She doesn't hold back, and that's what I found most different from the transition support that my company gave me. I was gainfully employed only 5 months later thanks to Mary's guidance and support." – Derek S
Your 5-week Transition Bootcamp includes my proven strategies, tools and templates:
  • Week 1: Path to Prosperity
    If you don’t know what you want, you’re destined to have what you don’t want. In Path to Prosperity, you’ll get in touch with exactly what you want and why you want it, so that when it shows up, it’s easy to spot. You’ll receive instruction and templates asking you to answer critical questions about your life and career that will put you in the right headspace for your next move. You’ll begin to create your strategy with expert guidance.
  • Week 2: Networking Heaven
    If networking is a burden for you, then this session is essential. You’ll develop a relationship-building plan that can literally create job offers within weeks without feeling like you’re a burden. You’ll receive a precise strategy for identifying, reaching out to, and speaking with people, along with a proven structure for every conversation you have.
  • Week 3: POV Branding
    This is the secret sauce – the single strategy that nobody else teaches to help you land your dream job more than 3 times faster than anyone else on the market. Identify the most important element of your brand to help you stand out compared to the internal and external candidates competing for the same positions. With my POV branding technique, you will have interviewers finding a way to fit you into their organization.
  • Week 4: Résumé and LinkedIn
    This session will teach you how to package and promote yourself using your resume and LinkedIn profile. This might seem like table stakes but there’s nothing like a fresh resume and LinkedIn profile to get you noticed. Your resume and profile are your promotional collateral. With my help, you will be creating offers, not chasing jobs.
  • Week 5: CEO of Me Inc.
    It can be lonely at the top. In your world right now, you’re the only one making decisions in the business of you. I’ll show you how to clear the fog in your mind, and make sound decisions about what you want and how you’re going to get there. You’ll document a specific plan to overcome potentially sabotaging behaviors, and I’ll show you how to pull together a team that supports your ultimate goals.

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Transition Bootcamp consists of a 5-week, 5-session video-training program that will make your dream job a reality.

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You may be thinking you should be able to figure this out on your own.

The stats show that it takes upwards of 16 months for management and executive leaders to find new work without help. And there’s nothing to say that the job they’ll find will be one they love. I don’t like those timelines, and we’ve consistently beaten them. Because every month you waste on strategies that don’t work is another month of income you are going without. I know what you’re going through (been there myself), and I know what it takes to get through it.

I'm convinced I would have settled for something far below my level of experience and aspirations.

"I found Mary when I was trying to transition my career. The market had shifted, my skills were no longer in demand, and I was trying out many different tactics on my own – but to no avail. The biggest and incredibly surprising takeaway was that I had let myself dream too small. I was able to find amazing work on causes that I care deeply about. I'm convinced I would have settled for something far below my level of experience and aspirations if it wasn't for Mary's insights and coaching." – Diane B.

You might think this investment won’t make a difference. Transition Bootcamp has been proven to accelerate your ideal job offer.

  • You’ll have a plan.
  • You’ll know what you’re looking for so you can spot it when it’s in front of you.
  • You’ll access relationships that will lead to job offers, without stress or anxiety.
  • You’ll position and package yourself for concrete results.

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If you already have a transition company at the job you’re about to leave, and you believe it’s good enough, think again.

With a few exceptions, your transition company’s got one client: your former employer. I’ve spoken with dozens of professionals, and heard firsthand the difficulty they’ve had with some uninspiring, uncreative transition coaches. If that sounds like what you have, then I encourage you to look for something more. Your bank account depends on it.

If your current support system isn’t actively pushing you to results, connecting you with prospective employers, and challenging you to a higher level of personal best, then you’re getting far less than you deserve. Complement what you’ve already got with something that’s proven to work so you can get the job you want.


If you’re not satisfied within the first two weeks, just send us an email and get your money back.

You can be happy at work. Transition Bootcamp will give you the tools.

Add your name to the list of managers and executives who have successfully landed their ideal job.

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I found something I enjoy doing in just 3 months. Brilliant!

"I’d been stuck in a lackluster career for 15 years. I always felt I could be doing more for myself. Then the cutbacks came and a number of us were let go. I thought this was good news in a way, something that would help me get a jumpstart, until I actually started looking for work. I heard about Transition Bootcamp from a friend, I went through with it, and amazingly, I found something I enjoy doing in just 3 months. Brilliant!" – Jennifer C.

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